Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello to everyone. I hope this finds you well. Kari continues to do well. We were given a choice to bring Kari back to the hotel prior to her surgery next week. She remains on lasix for her heart failure and seems to be doing great. We will be staying here in Philly until the surgery just in case she should have trouble in the interim. I have uploaded some pictures so be sure and check them out if you have a minute. Jennifer and I are just enjoying Kari, grateful for the short stress reprieve that has been constantly present while in the hospital. Your emails continue to inspire Jennifer and I and focus us on the task at hand-both spiritually and personally. We plan to return to the hospital on Tuesday for her pre-operative blood work and return for hopefully the last time for a while the next morning. Jennifer and I will be donating blood for Kari on Monday- we hope at least one of us is a good match for her.

Off the subject of Kari for a moment, Katie, our 11 year old daughter is really struggling with this situation and really misses her mom. Please remember Katie in your prayers for our family. The kids will be coming back to Philly on Tuesday so they can be here for the surgery. We anticipate them returning home the weekend following her surgery to get back in school- assuming all goes well with Kari’s surgery. For the time being, we are all doing well and look forward to our time with Kari before we begin pedaling up the next hill- or should I say mountain. Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France have nothing on Kari…….God bless and thank you once again.

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